Who is behind 4G-livestream

We are a growing team of journalists and media operators, who have been working for many years for various media, news and broadcast companies. Through these jobs we have experienced multiple things and gained experience accordingly.

We realize that everything is not always as it seems at first glance: different countries may very well have distinct points of view and corresponding reports. For that reason, we aim to grow as a team, in order to be there for you worldwide and report live.


What we do


Online TV channel, to reflect the events from all over the world as neutrally and authentically as possible. Moreover, we wish to show you fascinating contributions and beautiful stories from all over the world.

One world, one story


We want to give our fans and subscribers the opportunity, to make their own opinions on fact-based reports.

What is the meaning of 4G-Livestream?


4G is the fourth generation of mobile internet, 

but the “first” of high-speed internet connection that made it possible for everyone connect globally and mobile anywhere we are to Stream Audio and Video. 


And that's what we stand for:


"a connected world, for everyone, with everyone"





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